KR Babes Ambassador Program

Want Free Bikinis For Helping Out Some Friends?

No matter where you live it's always Summer somewhere and what would be better then getting your bikinis this summer for FREE! Well if your interested we have built this program specifically for you! 

Why We Started This Program

First off, we want to thank you for supporting us and we want you to know that it means the world to us! Second, the reason we are starting this program is we want to expand our KR Swimwear Family and give back to all of you! With this program we want you babes to be apart of our community that doesn't discriminate against any race, language, size or shape. This program is a community of uplifting girls who love bikinis! We get 100's of emails and DM's daily asking us if we are looking for sponsors, models, ambassadors, and affilates. So this is why we have decided to start our KR Babes Ambassador program.

Brief Overview

Okay babes so heres an overview of what our  KR Babes Ambassador program is. First, Dm us on Instagram if you are interested with your name and your email. We will provide you with your own personal coupon code that gives anyone who uses it a FREE Bikini with any bikini purchase. You can give your code to whoever you choose whether it be your friends, family or social media following. Second you will receive a few bonuses!
Bonuses includes:
- Access to new bikini launches a day before we launch
- 50% OFF Anything For Life
- Priority Orders: any orders placed will be shipped off within 24 hours       
- A Personal Discount code for our BOGO Sale
- Every 5 People who use your code = 1 FREE Bikini for you
( This is every 5 sales so if 15 people use your code you will recieve 3 FREE Bikinis and so on! )

How To Sign Up

To sign up just send us a DM us on Instagram with your Name and Email in the message!
DM us: @krswimwear


How To Get Sales With Your Code!

Congratulations for signing up and if you haven't yet make sure to complete that first! We made this little section for you babes because we want you to succeed and we also wanted to stand out from other ambassador programs who don't help their ambassdors out with this! Here's a few simple tips:

- Tag @krswimwear in your photos and insta stories and we might share it with our 8,000 followers!

- Make a blog or youtube video reviewing your KR Swimwear and give your viewers your code!

- Paste your code in your Instagram bio!

- Share it with your friends and family who support you the most!

- Use it yourself! There's nothing wrong with treating yourself every once in awhile!